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HoM: Damien Jones by Sheaky HoM: Damien Jones by Sheaky
I actually thought this would be the most populated house
wow I was so wrong
I really hope his history and everything is alright ;v; if I forgot anything please just tell me


Name: Damien Jones                        Birthday : December 26th
Nickname(s): N/A                             House: Siren
Gender: Male                                     Rank: Doctor
Age: 12 the age the internet hates  Level : 2


 Damien is  a generous young boy that tries his best to be kinda and level headed with everyone. He does his very best to stay honest and straight forward with everyone in the kindest way possible. A quiet little boy, he never really attracts attention to himself and doesn't mind the fact that he doesn't living as calmly as he can. However if you can hint your way into Damiens curiousity you'd find out that hes as adventurous and stubborn as any other young child like him.Frendly,Trusting,and practical he tries to fight for what he thinks is right while still having the time to give to others.

Likes:                                                                    Dislikes:
•  Literature                                                                     • His disability
• Rain/Storms                                                                  • Manga
• Medical supplies and books                                         • Sand
• Sweaters                                                                      • Having to take medicine
• Peaches ( don't give him peaches)                              • Bullies/Fighting 
• Water                                                                           • Green beans
Backstory :
   Damien was born into a small family consisting of only one parent. His father was a well known surgeon that worked constantly around the clock and his mother abandon the family once Damien became 3. Instead of really being cared for by family he was more cared for by babysitter his father hired.

Most of his life was average and normal, his father worked while he went to school and was taken care of by whoever his father hired to do it. Damien never was able to click with kids at school but he felt fine with that and just devoted his time to studying his fathers surgeon/medical books.He stayed distant from everyone and only spoke to those who spoke to them no matter who it was. He preferred to keep everyone away and stay in his own little world, being a loner without anyone around since it was kinda shown from a young age to him that's simply the easiest way to go through life.

One day his  world of being by himself change drastically, Damien sat quietly by his bed watching tv by himself while the babysitter stayed down stairs. He recently turned 9 taking his new age the same as he always did with pride of growing older. Though strangely enough it seems to him that turning a new age wasn't as great as the rest, just a few days ago when it happened he started to have problems walking correctly without almost tripping without nothing in the way  as well as many other things. He took it as growing stuff from just becoming older though more then anything but he still didn't like the thought of all these werid things keep happening. As the shows started to pass by the hours, Damien grew bored of watching tv and decided to go down the stair to get his sitter to make him something to eat. Pushing himself off the bed he could feel a struggle trying to get up finding it strange as all this junk that just keeps on getting harder to do. He shrugged it off as nothing and made his way down the hall slowly to the stair. He tried walking on the heels of his feet finding that he tripped a little less then last time.Though with going down the stairs he didn't find himself lucky, tripping down half of all the steps , knocking out completely after a thud of hitting the bottom steps and A panic scream.

The next time he opened his eye he found himself in a hospital bed with his father right next to him. Before he could even get his eyes fully open his father was already badgering him with questions, asking what happen as well as telling him about what they had to do. Once he could get his mouth open without being given more questions to answer he explained just the kind of things that happen within that week, about the whole trouble with things and such. His father jumped instantly to get tested for the things once Damien stitches where he hit his head healed up a bit. Damien proclaim over and over that he's fine , that it was just growing  pains and such but his father still forced him to get tested for many different thing if he could.

Once the whole thing was over they waited for them to come back, his father on edge more and more as the days passed by while they waited, coming home earlier and even getting a few days off just to watch over his son. It was honestly one of the only times Damien saw his father so anxious and scared over something about him, most of the time if Damien anything happen to Damien he let other take care of , but this time it was different. It was a relief once they were called in to see there results his father finally relaxed for a second until they were told what he had. Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, his case was minor and not as lethal as other but showing at such a young age wasn't a good sign. He could see his fathers hope rush away from his face as Damien questioned about the  disease,never hearing it in one of the medical books. After a long discussion with the doctor he figured out that it meant he wouldn't be able to be active anymore without some kind of stand and the possibility of him becoming fully crippled from the leg down could be possible by the age on 18. He explained to this certain treatment they could do as there was no prevention of it getting worst.

It hit his Damien hard when he figured out all the thing he wouldn't be able to do right or at all.It even hit his dad just as hard, coming home more earlier and staying home more and more working on different thing just to help Damien out. After a few months of dealing with this his father announced that they would moving out of Damiens home town and moving to Meansville. The news didn't please him at all and displeased him even more once he figured out why his father was doing this, he did it all so he could help his poor son and have less hours being home way more. Damien felt cheated, first he never card for a thing in his life and now he sudden cares cause hes incapable in some way? He didn't like the idea at all but said nothing about it since there was nothing he could change.

After living in Meansville for a years, Damien started to make a well recovery with his leg problems with special exercises where he went to the local hospital to practice. People started to see him a little less incapability for things unlike when he first started going there. One day while training his usual routine he was interrupted by a boy around his age that snuck his way into the room. The little boy told him that he had a secret that only he could hear but he had to follow him to a more less occupied room. Sparking Damiens curiosity he accepted his invitation and met him in a room down the hall. The boy seemed excited and told Damien all about a secret club he could become part of  explaining many thing beyond ones imagination. It puzzled his mind but also made him more curious about it, once being explained everything one more time he was shown his token which he instantly accepted,showing his spirit at once.

The spirit looked quite alike him, with short black hair and crystal blue eyes like his, he was flabbergasted by the mere presence of him. His stares stop once he was asked if he was just gonna start into oblivion all day by the spirit then being quickly asked for a name after. Damien named him Atticus Finch after a reliable character he once read about in this fictional,Atticus didn't seem to mind the name much and took it gladly. Later that day Damien found were his house lived and started going there routinely like his physical training, excited to see what has happen around the place everyday.

Name: Atticus Finch
Gender: Male
Elemental Ability:

Freezing -Atticus cause things to freeze at his will though it limited to mainly one thing or body part when in battle. He can also use it to sharpen his weapon(glass) making it deadlier and more harmful when hit with an opponent....... Its could also be used to help freeze  any medicical supplies damien might need extremely cold but ehhh he doesn't tend to like using it for that.
 Blizzard - Atticus second ability that allows him to level out the playing field covered in snow moving and ashing through the air quickly. This allows him to easily slither on the land better then he normally would ( since he inmates Damiens muscular dystrophy) as well as give him the advantage of being able to see his opponent through the fog of snowflakes while they may not.
Weapon / Fighting Style:  
  Glass ( on both of his arms)
                        - His attacking style is to try and play on the offensive side rather then the defensive. It quite strange taking as he can't walk correctly either, but it goes with the mentality the quickier its done, the quicker the win. Atticus usually tries to dodge at first to work his enemy down, then use one of his abilities and move in for the kill......Though honestly Damien would probably fall or become too dizzy to walk after one fight, after he became lvl 2 he kinda stop fighting as much after he got his doctor duties. The only time he realy fights anymore is in emergency or on a mission.

Personality :
 Atticus loves to tease others around and have fun with almost everybody. He quite friendly to everyone and is way more of a talker then you could imagine. He also protective over the ones he cares about and quite energetic about anything and everything. Atticus loves to work hard while playing around and take care of others when they can't care them self.
Other information :
- Atticus unlike most of the other Siren spirits actually slithers and moves on the ground. When hes swimming through the air he always seems to be unable carry any balance and smashes into things a lot. This is suppose to be an intimation and his limitation form his host disability

Roleplay example:

From %Sky-Explorers, rp with lollidragon
Jaffa slipped his feet into the lakes water, letting the cold water engulf his feet as he looked around waiting for his feet to meet with the waters temperature. He let out a sigh as he tried to wiggly his whole body into the water without freezing to death. " It'll all be fine soon, soon enough you'll get used to the cold and enjoy this," he hissed to himself almost as if he was already regretting this idea. After way to many shivers his body was finally fully into the water meeting up to the bottom of his chin. " Now just to get to the other side," his teeth chattered out as he swam from the side of the lake he was on all the way to the other side where a few smooth rocks stand ,surrounded by sharp pointy rock on the outer side. Safely getting over he laid his head nestle on one of the smoother rocks, gaining a little bit of elevation so his head wasn't almost underwater. Feeling wearer from just swimming in the cold water he turned his gaze up at the night sky, waiting for the stars to come out so the meteor shower could begin.

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Its a group about children with token that have spirit friends in them, there spirit suppose to look like them as well is suppose to look a certain way depending on house its really neat ;v;
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